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Due West - Darcy Declouett by Hayden Griffith

Darcy De Clouett Aged 15 years Lives: Wombarra NSW Australia
Sponsored: DP Surfboards, Adelio, Liive, FK Instagram: @darcy_declouett

Words from the family

On the east coast of Australia we have made home for our young family- in a small coastal community between the escarpment and the sea but every few years we pack up our lives for several months to travel to the other side of the country- destination NW Western Australia and embrace an ideal.

Its’ something unique, it’s a connection to landscape, to relationships, to stripping things back bare to allow a reflection on life..

Our 15 year old son Darcy De Clouett having only recently embarked on the comp scene of surfing is born of the water… it’s where he’s at ease, where he find values and where most importantly he shines.

Darcy is the reflection of typical genre of a water boy- reflected in his twisted salty blond locks and in his sea green eyes as he recounts his knowledge of tides, of waves, of species and habitats of fish.

He is a talented young surfer, diver and fisherman and this trip gives him the opportunity to thrive in special location, to learn outside of the classroom, to go without the creature comforts and go beyond the daily monotony and to be free.

We offered talented photographer Hayden Griffith the chance to travel with us and record Darcy’s journey, his third trip in his short life to the wild west...

About filmaker:

Hi Guys,
I've recently had the privilege to travel with Darcy Declouett and his family to remote WA where i got to document and put together a clip on how Darcey ( 15yrs old ) likes to spend his time away from the comp scene.
It was an epic month experience for me and although we didn't score all time waves it was still a blast just being there away from civilisation.
Darcy was super comfortable in the elements out there and it showed in his casual style out in the water.

Best Hayden Griffith


Due West - Darcy Declouett from Hayden Griffith on Vimeo.