I did my usual check of the breaks and and pulled into another spot and caught up with Phil Byrne checking the break out front. I said Phil I have a problem every where I've check is good I don't no where to go out. Phil and I sat down and compared how good that this area was probably the most consist surf break area in Australia. We have a world class point break and some of the best reefs and sandy bottom breaks that work in every wind and swell direction. Wollongong used to be the called the city of beaches then some pea brain as a marketing guru come up with the Coal Coast what where they thinking. Special thanks to Stu from Swellnet for giving me the thumbs up early in the week for this megga swell we have been experiencing.

Been surfing these waters longer than most getting old but still as stoked as my first day surfing Scarbs back in the 70"s. Fellow surfers appreciate what we have here its the best.

Cheers Rayboy